Friday, April 8, 2011

Fingerprints and Korean Food = great day!

We drove to San Antonio to get our fingerprints done to finish up the I-600a.  They said our prints looked good so now we just wait for approval!  I'm a little nervous that this government shutdown is going to affect the processing of our paperwork :-/  GOD'S TIMING, GOD'S TIMING.  I have to keep reminding myself and it makes me feel calmer.  So now we just wait, no more paperwork until we get our referral! 

While we were in SA we went to a great Korean restaurant!  It was the first we as a family has sat down for a Korean meal.  I cannot wait to learn to cook some of this great food.  So here is the spread that we had.  Kimchi, Yaki Mandu, Edamame, Bi Bim Bap, and lots of other yumminess!  The girls weren't sure what to think of some of it but they will get used to it :) 

 Yaki Mandu, two different kinds of kimchi, edamame, potatoes, broccoli, and cucumbers.
 Fried Shrimp, mmmmm.
 My Bi Bim Bap had beef,  lettuce, rice, mushrooms, carrots, and topped with an egg.  Served really hot, it was very yummy.
 Brooklyn trying to figure out chopsticks.
 Addison eating edamame :)
Green Tea Ice Cream for Dessert.
It was a great day in SA, a little shopping and a drive thru safari were in order too!  It was such a good day, I love every moment with my family.